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20th over: India 48-2 (Pujara 15, Kohli 23) Kohli doesn’t mind facing Lyon though.


  • “Kohli doesn’t know how to play Cummins, Hazlewood doesn’t know how to bowl to Kohli,” comes a side-of-the-mouth comment from one of my Indian EST01:0918th over: India 43-2 (Pujara 11, Kohli 22) Lyon after the drinks break, and Kohli leaves a ball that spins back in a fair way and bounces over his stumps.
  • It’s another maiden, the runs have stopped EST01:05Also, if you want an analysis of that first hour of EST01:03I’m guessing this tweet was meant for me, so consider it EST01:0017th over: India 43-2 (Pujara 11, Kohli 22) Cummins is bowling in at the body now.
  • As for his strategy in facing up, the boffins at CricViz have confirmed my EST00:5716th over: India 40-2 (Pujara 11, Kohli 21) Lyon to Kohli for the first time, and the batsman gets a short ball immediately and flips it round the corner for a run.
  • After five balls he finally gets a run against Cummins, defending to EST00:5014th over: India 38-2 (Pujara 11, Kohli 19) Lyon is on, to see what he can get out this surface.
  • In the meantime, another Indian star is getting EST00:4011th over: India 38-2 (Pujara 11, Kohli 19) Tim Paine gets Cummins on quickly, given he knocked over Kohli with his second ball in Adelaide.

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