MumsNet (UK) – He’s 10 – eldest child in Y5, in a school that only goes to Y5 (we still have Middle School) so eldest child in school.


  • Eldest child in family (1 younger sister)- Using baby voice to get attention- Denying doing something that he obviously did – Hiding behind sofas to surprise you (he is very creepy with this, he doesn’t just jump out in a “ta da” kind of way, but he’ll be there for ages then look up when I have been in the room for 5 or 10 mins and just say “hello”)- Running around the house screaming and laughing, really high energy but has no interest in doing any actual real exercise (although he is a very good mountain biker once he gets out, and swims every week).
  • Goes to bed 8pm ish, will crash around until 10-11 pm, no amount of him to suffer the consequence of being exhausted the next day will keep him in bed- Very reluctant to do anything much suggested to him really, which involves any form of physical effort or mental application- No idea about the passage of time, that 5 mins is how long he needs to do x, 30 mins is the length of y etc.
  • – He will pretend to be a dog and demand to be taken for walks (Around the house), he’ll be a monkey as an excuse for messing about, jumping on furniture etc then easy he is using his imaginationWhen his interest is piqued, he will apply himself, albeit not always with great enthusiasm – guitar, drama, Cubs and cricket seem to hold his interest, although he is not that good a cricket so rarely gets picked for matches (he refuses to practice outside training sessions, despite DH and FIL both playing at a high amateur standard in the past).
  • He just seems a great deal less mature than his peers and younger sister ( I am a Cub leader, I do have experience of quite a lot of boys his age).
  • Somehow I can’s see him navigating his way practically and emotionally through middle school in 9 months time.

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