News – Cricket: Harsha Bhogel tells a story of Rishabh Pant when he cremated his father with his own hands before flying out of town to play cricket.


  • But Indian media was up and about overnight after a Rishabh Pant ‘sledge’ at Usman Khawaja.
  • As Khawaja attempted to rescue Australia from a precarious 3-59, the Indian keeper was overheard on the stumps mic saying “Sab Pujara nahi hai Bhai” which, according to crictracker.
  • While Dhoni was a calm and composed customer on the field with no many altercations with the oppositions, Pant kept sledging the hosts on Day 2 of the encounter with possibly the best one coming against Usman Khawaja.
  • ‘With Australia losing wickets in regular intervals, Ravichandran Ashwin was looking to dismiss Khawaja to put India in the driver’s seat and Pant was heard shouting “Not everyone is Pujara here, lads” on the stumps mic.’
  • “The 21-year old wanted to inspire the team’s lone premium spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who was bowling well at that point, with a quick-witted comment that drew parallels between Australia’s No.

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