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‘IPL Brands Insights Book 2019’ discourses the dynamics of branding at IPL

Indian Television – MUMBAI: Velocity MR launched ‘IPL Brands Insights Book 2019’ today during the first edition of Velocity Insights Summit at Bengaluru.


  • Swiggy and PhonePe, the two heavily advertised brands while not associated with a particular team, saw a substantial increase in their total brand recall over the IPL weeks; their total awareness had gone up by 8 and 10% respectively.
  • Other than Royal stag being more popular than Exide, the brand was associated with another IPL team (Kings XI Punjab) which could be one of the reasons why it had a higher recall.
  • Yet RCB scores maximum in average brand recall (0.
  • Some of the key brands which were not associated with any IPL teams but were advertising heavily during the IPL were seen to be doing better than brands which were associated with a particular teamThese brands generated a steady increase in its recall and other parameters and were not affected by the daily happenings in the IPLWhile brands which were associated with a particular team witnessed a change in their fortunes depending on the team’s current performance, past performance, star value, length of association and other factors out of their controlHowever, there were some instances where the recall for smaller advertisers was seen to be lower than that of principal sponsors of a few IPL teamsEvery strategy has its own share of pros & cons.
  • Let’s have a look below what works better and what notAssociating with IPL event and not with a Team:Pros:* Since the ads are shown for all the matches, it allows long term exposure to the audience as compared to brands which are associated with particular teams* The recall increases even during the middle weeks of IPL when generally the viewership of IPL is seen to be droppingCons:* Associating and advertising heavily during IPL requires a good amount of financial muscle which not all brands would be able to affordAssociating with a particular team:Pros:* The marketing budgets required are not as high as for a brand associated with IPL event.

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